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The Living Heritage is a non profit, non government organization dedicated to the
preservation and development of the archaeological, historical, cultural and natural
heritage of Bulgaria. Our work aims to protect and illuminate ancient sites, cultural
monuments, religious treasures, the inherited wisdom and the nature purity of the

Our mission

Our mission is to preserve and to valorize this heritage as a source of wealth and
development for the people in the region. We are harnessing innovative approaches
to achieve these goals and also to support the interlinking of the local and rural
societies to relevant national and international communities.

How we work

In order to achieve inspiring results in our projects we are able to involve the leading experts in their fields in sectors such as conservation and restoration, nature protection, education and science, new media, architecture and marketing. We are involving the relevant stakeholders into the whole implementation process of the project in order to assure their high commitment and support for sustainable solutions.

For whom we work

We are reliable and valuable partners for the authorities and the management of
● protected cultural and natural sites,
● National Parks,
● archaeological and historical heritage sites,
● local communities and
● regional and national administration.

Our approach

Our approach is holistic, and tuned to the fine cultural nuances that shape Bulgaria
society and represent the country greatest values.



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