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  1. Authentic rehabilitation of cultural monuments

Many sites in Bulgaria, including religious monuments, archaeological findings, etc. have the urgent need to be rehabilitated or reconstructed in a way that they are representative, attractive and understandable for the visitors. Our approach is that these reconstructions to be done by professionals who accurately take into consideration the authentic appearance of the monuments and bring them back to live using materials, iconographic stiles, building manners and others techniques known already in the past. Good examples for reconstruction and archaeological site organization are the museum in Elsarn, Austria with its authentic restoration of German village ( and Archaeological park Carnuntum, Austria, where roman military camp and settlement have been reconstructed -


  1. Development concepts and studies

In order to exploit best the potentials of a site it is necessary to follow a strategic vision and to take all relevant aspects of the final product from the initial offer to the post implementation phase into consideration. In order to avoid illusions that will never materialize it is necessary to have clear implementation plans and to pay attention to the economic feasibility of such undertakings. We are supporting such strategic approaches with:

·         development strategies,

·         feasibility studies,

·         tourism concepts.


  1. Authentic festivals & events

People experience the spirit of a site best when they can understand and imagine how the things really happened in the past, when they can feel close to the magic of the life as it has been many generations ago. To represent the past in a living fairy tale for big and small we support the organization of festivals that offer experiences for all senses. To be successful such events need to involve and animate the local population, demonstrate an authentic character and cover a complete range of activities and services such as live performances, eating & drinking, fun activities, children animation and many more.

We are happy to support with our experience the organization of:

·         Ancient culture events - good example is The Big Roman Festival in Carnuntum, Austria which takes place in the beginning of every summer -, here people meet to experience the dynamic of the roman city, to enter in reconstructed buildings from the period of the Empire, to walk the ancient streets or to participate in the gladiator games,

·         Weekend of the Thracian world – could be organized for example in Sborianovo, Kazanlak or other places in Bulgaria where the people still can feel the magical presence of the Traces,

·         Medieval festivals - as an example here it could be given the Medieval festival in Eggenburg, Austria,, where participants are all that would like to live the Medieval spirit of the small town, dressed in authentic costumes or those who are inspired from the epoch of the knights,

·         Ottoman festivals where the visitors can have a glimpse on the culture, costumes, traditions and rituals, part of the everyday life in the Ottoman World,

·         Places of pilgrimage and routes to the religious traditions of Bulgaria to discover the most sacred places of the country and the mysterious world of the people who dedicated their life to God, still unrevealed for the common visitors monasteries and churches, as the ones in West Bulgaria,

·         Regional Wine Festivals – from the time of the Traces the territory of the country has been famous with its wonderful wines and in many regions the Bulgarians still keep the recipes of their fathers how to produce the magnificent drink. Almost in all regions wine shops, presentations, demonstration of traditional producing techniques, degustation of different wines and typical products of the area will bring the visitors closer to the Authentic Bulgaria.


  1. Product development for cultural tourism

Successful cultural and natural tourism products are based on the unique assets of the location and offer specific attractions for clearly distinguished target groups. We have the experience to support the regions in the following achievements:

·         Development of tourist packages,

·         Development of visitor programs,

·         Visitor management in protected areas,

·         Development of museum concepts, also for new, modern museums in the rural areas and the smaller municipalities,

·         Development of concepts for thematic routes such as wine routes or thematic hiking trails,

·         Development of a concept for the introduction of the new media in the museums, for example virtual tours,

·         Special children and school programs, programmes for visitors with special interests.


  1. Interpretation and visitor information

Places of interest reveal their utmost potentials to the visitors only if they are explained and interpreted attractively. Attractive interpretation as we understand it includes:

·         Interactive information boards and tables,

·         Virtual tours through the site such as the created from the Austrian company Pan Austria for different sites in the country -,

·         Innovatively designed information brochures, example for such could be given with,

·         Thematic hiking trails,

·         Special interest visitor programs and guided tours,

·         Web pages and web based information materials,

·         Visitor interpretation and information centres as the one created in the NP Thayatal, Austria -


  1. Marketing and communication

Today one of the best ways to successful businesses goes through the effective marketing and good communication of the ideas. We find a way to involve the best representatives in these areas to support the creation of recognizable and distinguished marketing products.


  1. Organisation development and stakeholder involvement

In our work we aim to create regional identity and to mobilise the involvement of local population in all phases of project implementation. We believe that every region and the people have the strength, the ideas and the potential to create their own future in sustainability.


  1. Regional products and merchandizing

The best way for every guest to experience the region is to experience the unique local products. In the same moment for the local population the promotion of such exceptional products is a way to the own identity and a stable income. Local products should be carefully selected and we are able to support this by:


·         Creating local product range for every region,

·         Organizing of museum shops and development of authentic souvenirs,

·         Involving restaurants with local food that use also traditional recipes and offer cuisine that the region is best known with,

·         Creating concepts for regional wine shops and wine galleries where all wine producers from the region would be able to present their products, exchange experience between each other, gain new clients, present future projects, exc. Good example for well-organized wine shop is the one in Rust ( ), Austria which has been built with the support of the Austrian Wine Academy, also the Burgenlad Wine Shop ( and the wine shops in Langelois, Austria – Ursin Haus ( andLoisium (

·         Creating wine routes with well-developed information tables, thematic stops for the wine connoisseurs, wine degustation, wine museums

·         Creating possibilities for exchange of expertise and experience in the field of development of sustainable local products, for example exchange of wine specialists and organization of workshops with wine producers between Austria and Bulgaria.